One of the themes for the Women’s Voices Conference 2017 is informed consent and informed decision making in the post Montgomery age.

The aim of this years campaign is to provide women with important information to help inform their decision making during their maternity experience.

What piece of evidence based information would you like to share or is there an important piece of information you feel a pregnant woman should know?

Please record a two minute video discussing a topic of your choice relating to the maternity experience.

You can post your video here., or tweet them to @Womensvoices17 or send your video via email to
Please note all videos will be made public and may be used as part of the conference.
Please don’t forget to include the hashtag #Womensvoices17
Here’s one I made for #WeMidwives as an example on VBA2C.

We need as many voices as possible to really make an impact! Please join in, post your video and share the campaign widely.

Here is a slideshow from the #Womensvoices16 campaign.


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This idea was inspired by the fabulous Lindsay Askins and Cristen Pascucci’s Exposing the Silence Project