The day will focus on women’s maternity experiences, told in their own words, their voices speaking their truth, ensuring that women are kept at the heart of maternity care.

We shall be sharing stories in an environment of collaboration, working together to shape maternity services for the better. Through discussion and interactive workshops  we will be exploring why it is so vital that women are in the driving seat of their birth, that they are in control, that their choices are respected and how their maternity experience impacts on their identity as a mother, family life and society as a whole.

The themes of the conference will focus on how the human rights framework fits into maternity care. We will be discussing informed consent and informed decision making in the post Montgomery age. The conference will explore how choices are presented to women discussing the idea that ‘safe care is personalised care’ following Better Births.

“I urge you to play your part in creating the maternity services you want for your family and your community. Voice your opinions….. and challenge those providing the services to meet your expectations.” (Julia Cumberlege, Chair of the National Maternity Review Team, Better Births report 2016)

We will be celebrating those who’s practice has been influenced by facilitating truly women centred care and are leading the way by example.

We will hear from those who continually strive to improve women’s maternity experience and reduce unnecessary intervention.

Be sure to book your seat at the conference that everyone is talking about.